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3-axis, 4-axis and full 5-axis processing equipment, CNC lathe, centering machine, turning and milling compound, wire cutting, EDM, grinding, etc

CNC machining, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Welding, Laser Cutting, Bending, Spinning, Wire Cutting, Stamping, Electric Discharge Machining (EDM), Injection Molding

Aluminum, metal, steel, metal, plastic, metal, brass, bronze, rubber, ceramic, cast iron, glass, copper, titanium, metal, titanium, steel, carbon fiber, etc

+/-0.01mm, 100% QC quality inspection before delivery, can provide quality inspection form

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ISO9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, SGS, RoHs, TUV

Surface Treatment

Aluminum parts Stainless Steel parts Steel parts Brass parts
Clear Anodized Polishing Zinc Plating Nickel Plating
Color Anodized Passivating Oxide black chrome plating
Sandblast Anodized Sandblasting Nickel Plating Electrophoresis black
Chemical Film Laser engraving Chrome Plating Oxide black
Brushing Electrophoresis black Carburized Powder coated
Polishing Oxide black Heat treatment  


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CNC Machining Parts Can Be Used in Many Industry

Aerospace/ Marine/ Metro/ Motorbike/ Automotive industries, Instruments & Meters, Office equipments, Home appliance, Medical equipments, Telecommunication, Electrical & Electronics, Fire detection system, etc



Cylinder Heads, Turbochargers, Crankshafts, Connecting Rods Pistons, Bearing Caps, CV Joints, Steering Knuckles, Brake Calipers,Gears,Differential Housing, Axle Shafts



Cylinder Heads, Turbochargers, Crankshafts, Connecting Rods Pistons,Bearing Caps, CV Joints, Steering Knuckles, Brake Calipers,Gears, Differential Housing, Axle Shafts



Drill Pipes and Casing, Impellers Casings, Pipe Control Valves, Shafts, Wellhead Equipment, Mud Pumps, Frac Pumps, Frac Tools,Rotor Shafts and disc



Custom robotic end-effectors, Low-volume prototype, Pilot, Enclosures, Custom tooling, Fixturing


Medical Industry

Rotary Bearing Seal Rings for CHINAMFG Knife,CT Scanner Frames,Mounting Brackets,Card Retainers for CT Scanners,Cooling Plenums for CT Scanners,Brackets for CT Scanners,Gearbox Components,Actuators,Large Shafts


Home Appliances

Screws, hinges, handles, slides, turntables, pneumatic rods, guide rails, steel drawers




Q1. What kind of production service do you provide?
CNC machining, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, Welding, Laser Cutting, Bending, Spinning, Wire Cutting, Stamping, Electric Discharge Machining (EDM), Injection Molding, Simple Assembly and Various Metal Surface Treatment.

Q2. How about the lead time?
Mould : 3-5 weeks
Mass production : 3-4 weeks

Q3. How about your quality?
♦Our management and production executed strictly according to ISO9001 : 2008 quality System.
♦We will make the operation instruction once the sample is approval. 
♦ We will 100% inspect the products before shipment.
♦If there is quality problem, we will supply the replacement by our shipping cost.

Q4. How long should we take for a quotation?
After receiving detail information we will quote within 24 hours

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Drawing or Sample, Material, finish and Quantity.

Q6. What is your payment term?
Mould : 50% prepaid, 50% after the mould finish, balance after sample approval.
Goods : 50% prepaid, balance T/T before shipment.

Type: Customized
Usage: Agricultural Products Processing, Farmland Infrastructure, Tillage, Harvester, Planting and Fertilization, Grain Threshing, Cleaning and Drying, Customized
Material: Carbon Steel
Power Source: Customized
Weight: Customized
After-sales Service: No
US$ 0.8/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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pto shaft

Categories of PTO Parts Based on Equipment Type

PTO (Power Take-Off) parts can vary based on the type of equipment they are designed for. Different equipment types require specific PTO components to accommodate their unique power transfer requirements. Here are the main categories of PTO parts based on equipment type:

  1. Agricultural Equipment: PTO parts used in agricultural equipment are designed to transfer power from tractors to various agricultural implements. These implements can include rotary mowers, balers, tillers, sprayers, seeders, and more. PTO parts commonly used in agricultural equipment include PTO shafts, PTO clutches, PTO gearboxes, PTO drivelines, and PTO couplings. These components are engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of agricultural applications, such as heavy loads, high torque, and prolonged use.
  2. Construction Equipment: Construction machinery often utilizes PTO systems to transfer power to attachments and auxiliary equipment. PTO parts for construction equipment are designed to handle the rugged nature of construction sites and the heavy-duty tasks performed by these machines. PTO parts commonly used in construction equipment include PTO hydraulic pumps, PTO power converters, PTO drive shafts, and PTO couplers. These components enable the transmission of power to hydraulic systems, winches, concrete mixers, cranes, and other attachments used in construction applications.
  3. Industrial Equipment: PTO parts for industrial equipment are employed in a wide range of industrial applications, such as manufacturing, material handling, and processing. These parts are designed to transfer power to various industrial machinery and equipment. PTO parts commonly used in industrial equipment include PTO clutches, PTO shafts, PTO adapters, PTO gearboxes, and PTO couplings. They enable the connection and power transmission to conveyors, pumps, mixers, compressors, and other industrial machinery.
  4. Commercial Vehicles: PTO systems are also utilized in commercial vehicles to transfer power to auxiliary equipment. PTO parts for commercial vehicles enable the power take-off from the vehicle’s engine and transfer it to equipment such as dump bodies, lift gates, refrigeration units, and hydraulic systems. Common PTO parts used in commercial vehicles include PTO pumps, PTO shafts, PTO clutches, and PTO control mechanisms. These parts are specifically designed to integrate with the vehicle’s drivetrain and provide reliable power transfer for the intended applications.
  5. Marine Equipment: PTO parts designed for marine applications are used to transfer power in marine vessels and watercraft. These parts enable the connection of propulsion systems, generators, winches, and other equipment to the vessel’s engine or transmission. PTO parts for marine equipment include marine PTO shafts, marine PTO clutches, marine PTO drives, and marine PTO couplings. These components are constructed to withstand the harsh marine environment, including exposure to water, corrosion, and vibration.

Each category of PTO parts is engineered to meet the specific requirements of the corresponding equipment type. By understanding the equipment type and its power transfer needs, operators can select and utilize the appropriate PTO parts to ensure efficient and reliable operation.

pto shaft

Customization and Adaptation of PTO Parts for Specific Equipment or Power Requirements

PTO (Power Take-Off) parts can indeed be customized or adapted to meet the specific equipment or power requirements of different applications. Manufacturers recognize the diverse needs of various industries and offer options for customization and adaptation. Here’s a detailed explanation of how PTO parts can be customized or adapted:

  1. Power Rating and Torque Capacity: PTO parts can be customized or adapted to handle different power requirements. Manufacturers provide a range of options with varying power ratings and torque capacities to accommodate specific equipment needs. Depending on the application, PTO parts can be designed to handle higher or lower power outputs, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.
  2. Mounting Configurations: PTO parts can be customized or adapted to fit different mounting configurations on specific equipment. Manufacturers offer various mounting options such as flange mounts, shaft mounts, or gearbox mounts. These mounting configurations can be designed or modified to align with the specific requirements of the equipment, ensuring proper integration and alignment with the power source.
  3. Connection Mechanisms: PTO parts can be customized or adapted to incorporate different connection mechanisms based on the equipment’s design. Manufacturers provide options for various connection types, including splined connections, keyed connections, or quick-connect couplings. By adapting the connection mechanism, PTO parts can be seamlessly integrated with specific equipment, allowing for efficient power transfer.
  4. Shaft Length and Dimensions: PTO shafts, in particular, can be customized or adapted to accommodate specific equipment dimensions. Manufacturers offer shafts in different lengths, allowing customers to choose the appropriate size that fits their equipment’s configuration. Customization of shaft length ensures proper alignment and avoids interference with other components, optimizing the performance and safety of the PTO system.
  5. Accessory Compatibility: PTO parts can be customized or adapted to support the integration of accessories or attachments required for specific applications. For example, certain agricultural equipment may require additional hydraulic connections or control valves. Manufacturers can customize PTO parts to include auxiliary ports or fittings that allow seamless integration with the required accessories, enabling the equipment to perform a wider range of tasks efficiently.
  6. Material Selection: PTO parts can be customized or adapted by selecting the appropriate materials based on specific requirements. Manufacturers offer a variety of material options, including various alloys, steels, or composites. Material selection can be tailored to factors such as environmental conditions, load-bearing capacity, or corrosion resistance, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the PTO parts in the intended application.

It’s important to note that customization or adaptation of PTO parts may involve working closely with the manufacturer or a qualified PTO specialist. The manufacturer can provide guidance on the available customization options and ensure compatibility with the specific equipment or power requirements. Collaborating with experts in the field can help identify the best solutions and ensure the successful customization or adaptation of PTO parts.

Overall, the customization and adaptation of PTO parts provide the flexibility to meet the unique equipment or power requirements of different applications. This ensures that PTO systems operate efficiently, delivering the necessary power and functionality for specific tasks while maintaining compatibility and reliability.

pto shaft

Role of PTO Parts in Power Transmission from Tractors to Implements

PTO (Power Take-Off) parts play a crucial role in power transmission from tractors to implements. The PTO system enables tractors to transfer power from their engines to various implements, such as mowers, balers, pumps, and generators. Let’s explore how PTO parts facilitate power transmission in this context:

  1. PTO Shaft: The PTO shaft is a primary component of the PTO system. It connects the tractor’s power source, typically the engine or transmission, to the implement being driven. The PTO shaft transfers rotational power from the tractor to the implement, allowing it to perform its designated function. The shaft is designed to transmit power efficiently and reliably while accommodating the necessary range of motion and alignment between the tractor and the implement.
  2. PTO Coupling: PTO couplings are used to connect the PTO shaft of the tractor to the input shaft of the implement. These couplings provide a secure and rigid connection, ensuring that power is transmitted without slippage or loss. PTO couplings come in various types, such as splined, keyed, or friction-based couplings, depending on the specific application and requirements. The coupling mechanism enables a quick and secure attachment and detachment of the implement, allowing for efficient switching between different implements.
  3. PTO Clutch: The PTO clutch is responsible for engaging and disengaging the power transfer between the tractor and the implement. It allows the operator to control when power is transmitted to the implement. When the PTO clutch is engaged, the power flows from the tractor’s power source through the PTO shaft, driving the implement. When the clutch is disengaged, the power transmission is interrupted, enabling safe operation and disconnection of the implement. The PTO clutch provides a means of controlling power transmission and allows for smooth operation and flexibility in using different implements.
  4. PTO Gearbox: In some cases, a PTO gearbox is used to accommodate variations in rotational speed and direction between the tractor and the implement. The gearbox serves as an intermediary component, allowing for the appropriate reduction or increase in speed and conversion of rotational direction. This ensures that the implement operates at the desired speed and in the correct direction, regardless of the tractor’s engine speed or rotational orientation. The PTO gearbox enables efficient power transmission and enhances the compatibility between tractors and implements.
  5. PTO Control Mechanisms: PTO control mechanisms, such as levers or switches, are present in the tractor’s cabin or operator’s station. These controls provide the operator with the ability to engage or disengage the PTO system conveniently. The operator can activate the PTO clutch and control the power transmission to the implement based on the operational requirements. The PTO control mechanisms facilitate safe and efficient operation by ensuring that power is applied to the implement only when needed.

In summary, PTO parts, including the PTO shaft, PTO coupling, PTO clutch, PTO gearbox, and PTO control mechanisms, collectively enable power transmission from tractors to implements. These components ensure efficient and reliable transfer of rotational power, facilitate attachment and detachment of implements, enable control over power engagement, accommodate variations in speed and direction, and provide convenient operator control. The PTO system plays a vital role in maximizing the versatility and productivity of tractors by enabling them to drive a wide range of implements for various agricultural, construction, and industrial applications.

China Professional Wholesale Agricultural Machinery Parts OEM Cardan Transmission Tractor Parts Tractor Pto Shaft for Agriculture Machinery Pto PartsChina Professional Wholesale Agricultural Machinery Parts OEM Cardan Transmission Tractor Parts Tractor Pto Shaft for Agriculture Machinery Pto Parts
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